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We recently launched a responsive website design for Juniper Mountain House, a small bed and breakfast in Evergreen, CO. The owners of the bed and breakfast were performing a total redesign of the actual physical space as well as a brand overhaul to match. As part of that, they needed a website redesign and came to us with a clear vision for how they wanted it to look and function. This included a few things:

  • A clean, modern design built to match the luxurious but homey and forested vibe of the actual B&B. This came through heavily in the imagery as well as the typography and color palette.
  • A clean and out-of-the-way approach to the website’s navigation. This manifested in the use of a pop-out hamburger navigation menu on both mobile and desktop. It was also built with an emphasis on a “book” button to reserve a room, which included integration with their third-party reservation platform.
  • They had a specific vision for the look of the individual room pages, so we built a page template that was used for all the rooms. This provide a consistent yet unique look.
  • Integration of their Instagram feed into the website. This was meant to flow naturally into the beautiful imagery of the overall website and also provide more interactive possibilities.

You can check out the website yourself to see the final result here. Next time you’re looking for a place to stay near Denver, definitely look into Juniper Mountain House!

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