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Why Choose an LG Authorized Dealer?

When deciding where to purchase a new LG product, look for the logo and choose an LG authorized dealer. You'll be assured of receiving a genuine product, complete with the full one-year manufacturer's warranty, as well as insider information and top-notch support.

Here's what you can expect:


LG Electronics Inc. only provides warranty services for products purchased from Authorized Resellers. Products purchased from unauthorized resellers are not subject to warranty services. Before buying an LG product, please review the list below to find an authorized LG Electronics Inc. dealer where you can make a purchase.

Genuine Products

Be certain your product is not a fake. LG authorized dealers only sell genuine LG products with the premium design, build and performance you expect, all factory-sealed and undamaged.

Superior Knowledge and Support

We provide our authorized dealers with the latest products and promotions, so they can offer them to you, in addition to continuous product and service updates regarding your purchase.

Our Trusted Retail Partners:

Kings Great Buy Plus

Knie Electronics



Micro Center


Video Audio Center

Video Only




Avoid Unauthorized LG TV Dealers

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, LG Electronics supplies our products to authorized retailers who meet the highest standards for customer service and support. By so doing, we ensure that consumers receive:

  • (a) Genuine undamaged LG product
  • (b) The correct LG product described in the listing
  • (c) Unrivaled LG Customer Support
  • (d) Full LG Warranty
  • (e) Product delivered in a timely manner
  • Products purchased from retailers not authorized by LG may not be eligible for warranty or these other benefits.
  • Abe's of Maine
  • Beach Audio
  • Best Choice AV
  • Big Box Superstore
  • Bob's TV
  • Buy Notebook
  • Cardinal Expressions
  • Cleveland Plasma
  • Cliff Deals
  • Daily Deals Inc.
  • East Coast TV's
  • Ebuy USA
  • Echo-and-optics
  • Electronic Depo
  • Elite Warehouse
  • Espactra Tech
  • ExpressTVs
  • Exquisite Deals Now
  • Extreme Electronics
  • EZ Electronics
  • First Class TVs
  • Game Liquidations
  • Grouped Audio
  • Hatchfields Co.
  • HD Vision Max
  • Ielectrica
  • Joe's AV
  • Liquidation Central
  • Main Street Liquidations
  • MallStop
  • Newegg
  • New TV Only
  • Nice Electronics
  • Only New TVs
  • Prime AV
  • Pro Audio Video
  • Smart* Buy
  • Super Deluxe Deals
  • Time Sales
  • TVs Daily Deals
  • Unbeatable Sale
  • Universe-deals
  • Wallmountsite
  • Wise Buy
  • ZIB Deals