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Average Rating for Door in Door

  1. 10 months ago
    Missing one thing
    At first I had a hard time keeping the freezer door closed but that was soon solved. If it had a door light that could be left on this would be the perfect appliance
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  2. 6 months ago
    A Great Product Made Even Better
    I bought this refrigerator a few weeks ago because one of my children had previously purchased this model a few years ago. I loved that refrigerator and this one is even better. They have now added vents at the top of the unit to help keep items in the door in door section even cooler. I hadn't noticed a problem with my daughter's but am glad to know that this feature has been added. I appreciate the door in door feature and often use it to quickly access items we use often without opening ... read more the whole fridge. Since our model is counter depth, I was concerned about losing space but this one is quite roomy in both the refrigerated and freezer sections. It easily holds all my cold items. I like the slide out shelf in the freezer section and the adjustable partition in the lower freezer drawer. And finally, I love the no fingerprint feature and the easy to use ice and water dispenser.
  3. 3 weeks ago
    Easy to use , good design and appearance. We like the door in door feature.
  1. 4 weeks ago
    so far awesome
    so happy we upgraded to a french door and 2 drawer freezer easier to see everything in it...also with the right fridge door lets less cool out of the fridge.
  2. 5 months ago
    Fantastic features
    First, it has all the features one could want. I originally was opposed to a water/ice maker on the door, but now glad we chose the model with that feature. Years ago the filter was on the bottom of the fridge and you had to remember how long it had been in use. Now, the water filter is easily accessible with an auto notification when to change. Love the double freezer door and keep the most frequently needed frozen items in the top. The knock knock door feature is great as well so you can ... read more keep milk, juices and condiments at quick reach and only have to open the auxilary knock knock door. Purchased the fridge when Home Depot had an amazing LG sale. Saved a bundle. Lastly, you may note upon delivery and installation that one of the doors is lower. There is a tool kit supplied to address this issue, but most importantly LG has a video that can be found on YouTube that guides you through the process of lowering and raising the doors.
  3. 4 days ago
    Fridge looks good and very roomy
    We received the fridge about three weeks ago - looks good and organizes food wonderfully. We had an immediate issue with the door in door magnet, but LG sent repairman right out and we will be getting replacement for that part. All good
  1. 4 days ago
    Great Item
    Have had this 2 weeks now, very happy with it. The only negatives are I'm not crazy about the ice being in a tray in the freezer instead of in the door, but it's good for space. I also don't really like that the top shelf can't be moved any higher, and the middle shelf can't go right underneath that, so I can't put anything really tall in the bottom. But other than those things, it's a great refrigerator.
  2. 12 months ago
    Amazing refrigerator
    I love LG Smart wi-fi enabled InstaView door in door refrigerator. I am very satisfied with the capacity of it. It has a lot of great features like dual ice makers, glass door, smart cooling system,front opening.. I like the fact that is fingerprint resistant and you need to knock twice to see inside insta view’s glass panel which is so cool. The ice maker in the door works wonderful. I like the air filter that control all the smell in the interior. Also the water and ice filter work excellent. ... read more I like the fact that LG refrigerator is very quiet and it works amazing. The refrigerator looks beautiful in my kitchen. I love everything about it and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
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  3. 1 month ago
    Surprising Space
    Needed to replace a high end 2 door side by side refrigerator we inherited with our home 9 years ago. No, that refrigerator worked great but we've always had trouble opening the freezer door (because of a support wall interfering with the hinges) and worse, not able to find things in the back due to the inside refrigetator wall divider, preventing us reaching all the way to the back Surprisingly, the new 3 door is 6.5 cubic feet bigger (same dimensions AND fits in the same place). Freezer ... read more on the bottom is a delight, now!
  1. 1 year ago
    Energy Saving and beautiful
    Two cons: the front is not magnetic. So annoying. Can’t put anything on the front of the refrigerator. Kids grades or coupons, grocery lists. Nothing. Also, when you knock twice to look at the quick grab, it doesn’t light up much so, you can’t really see what you want to grab so you just end up opening up the quick grab door to look at what’s in there. Otherwise, the two separate freezers save energy, cuz I put smoothie stuff in one and frozen dinners in the other so you’re not constantly ... read more opening the freezer for one thing. I love the automatic drawers that pull out for you. I love the automatic door open feature for when your hand is full. Wish the door would open a bit wider, cuz you still have to grab the door and swing it open.
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  2. 1 year ago
    Perfect for my needs!
    Perfect for my needs! I really love this new refrigerator! My hands are usually full when I'm putting away groceries and the open door projection button is terrific. Yes, the doors are heavy, but not too heavy -- I just nudge it with my elbow. My little dog opened the door once - he had been watching me step on the projection and thought he'd check it out. He stuck his paw on the light and the top door opened. The door shut back shortly thereafter and he's shown no further interest. (Glad I ... read more don't have a great dane though)! I think being able to grab a bottle of water or can of soda from the front without opening the entire refrigerator is very helpful. The ice dispenser works nicely and quickly replaces cubes once dispensed. I've used the pre-measured water amounts a few times, but for my purposes, this isn't needed. The fact that the drawers self close is really nice. I like the idea of the appetizer tray; I haven't used it so far other than to store some cheeses in it. I really, really love the french door freezer with the six drawers and six side shelves!!! I can see and find what I'm looking for!!! I love to cook and when I do, I make enough to use in the future. With the LG french door freezer, my freezer is no longer the abyss into which something goes and dies a slow and painful freezer death -- with the old giant bin, I could never find what I was looking for unless I took everything out (or a bunch of stuff out) and put it on my already crowded counters - which is a pain, so I'd just buy fresh replacements. The bottom drawers are large enough to hold a medium sized frozen turkey. I also really like the fact that the drawers slide out when you open the door - I'm tall with back issues so this is particularly convenient. I can organize and see and take out things that I'm looking for so easily! The doors are fingerprint resistant which is an absolute plus! I like the look of the stainless steel on the inside. I love the idea of a fresh filter eliminating my need to keep an open box of baking soda inside (which can get knocked over and create a mess). The crisper drawers are really roomy - I can store two large (17.3 cup) produce savers in one drawer with ample room for other produce in front of it. I also love the fact that you don't have to take a million things out of the refrigerator to change the water filter - just the stuff on the side door (one small shelf only). The water dispenser and ice dispenser in the door is wonderful and saves so much room! Cons: I don't like that the under-shelf lights do not work if you move a shelf out of the predetermined position. The engineer who designed the shelf positions must not have any tall groceries. Salad dressings, sauce bottles, large size yogurt, or milk cartons will not fit with the predetermined position. I adjusted the bottom shelf and now the lights do not come on - they only come on in one position. For really tall objects, the only choice is to store it in the front door. Storing a cake on a pedestal in the refrigerator??? Forget about it. An open bottle of wine??? Nope - and it won't fit in the door if it's a tall bottle and you have a stopper in it. (I guess drinking more wine isn't a terrible thing). I also personally think the deli drawer should be larger. I wouldn't miss the appetizer drawer if it could result in the enlargement of the deli drawer. Bottom line, I love the refrigerator and hope it lasts for many years.
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  3. 2 years ago
    Great Look, Impressive Features, Room to Improve
    This unit is unique and loaded with features. The question for me was if they were worth the price. So far the answer is yes, but there are some downsides I would have liked to know prior to buying so here you go. The Good - Space - wow this unit has room to spare and lots of great storage options. The ice-side door has narrow shelves but I actually like them for our smaller items. The shelves are wide and deep and we have yet to find something that doesn't fit. Looks - this unit is ... read more beautiful in person. The glass door is functional and handy for frequently used items. Be aware however, the doors extend beyond the face of your cabinets at least 5.5 inches. They are thick doors and pivot in a way that requires space on both sides unlike a built-in unit. Party Tricks - Knock-Knock, the kids love lighting up the interior with a knock. This is one feature I don't think will last past the initial novelty but, we will see. Auto Door Open, this is fun to show people and even better when my hands are full. We weren't sure if we would use it but we do - like it a lot. Auto-extend freezer drawers are handy and make it easy to retrieve items that are down low. They retract quickly too so you don't have to wait to close the door. Interior finish - stainless inside with the shelving lights are brilliant. Love to open and look at the goodies. It looks high-end and so far stays clean to the touch. Function - The food is cold, the veggies are crisp(unlike any of my prior refrigerators), and the ice doesn't chip all over the floor when dispensing. I haven't used any of the smart grid features and don't plan to even if my utility incorporates the technology. The Bad - First, the unit tilts back at the top for the express purpose of allowing gravity to close the door in the event the auto open function is inadvertently triggered. This leads to DOOR SLAMMING. Yikes if you give a door just a little nudge...the contents slam around. Surely there is a soft close design modification or mechanism to raise the back of the unit they could add on a unit that cost over 6 large. The fact that these doors are heavy to begin with, coupled with the tilt, makes for some real ramming speed momentum on both refrigerator doors. This was almost a deal killer for me but we are getting use to this "feature". I called tech support and they hadn't had any input on this issue. Second, this unit is ginormous big. The movers never moved a unit like this and were unprepared. You MUST require them to use floor protection or your hardwoods will be damaged (ours were). Guaranteed. Finally, there are a couple of minor nits. The top shelf behind the glass door is not adjustable and the gap between the top of the shelf and the top of the door is too small to retrieve most items when using the glass door for access. Another nit is the door water is not chilled unlike my prior unit. Finally, I adjusted one of the interior shelves and the under shelf light doesn't work. Will have to see if that holds true when they deliver the next unit. This unit was damaged during shipping.
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  1. 2 years ago
    love this refrigerator
    This refrigerator has made my kitchen look as modern as i hoped it would The really good news is that it is a functional appliance that makes my life easier. The freezer drawers give me the best chance to actually organize my supplies for the first time ever. I like the glass door for milk and juice and condiments. Just so you know i am a senior and this is my 12th refrigerator and definitely the best and most usable i have ever owned. Your company got this one right Thanks
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  2. 8 months ago
    Awesome Refrigerator!
    Where do I start? This is a very high quality, beautifully engineered refrigerator. Stainless inside and out, six drawers in the freezer instead of one big bucket so nothing gets lost in the bottom. The water/ice dispenser is high tech yet uncomplicated. This is a streamlined fridge; classy but sensibly designed. We’ll be purchasing more from this company in the future!
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  3. 10 months ago
    Great fridge with excellent features!
    We bought this new fridge a couple of months ago. The performance is great. The knock door is a cool feature, but what is even better is the door shelving space. The auto door open is very convenient as the doors are a bit heavy to open. Absolutely love the 2 door freezer - so easy to access. Ice cubes and crushed ice is super fresh and always available. A couple of improvements would be to be able to put the shelf on any row and the lights would illuminate. The top shelf in the door is to tall ... read more and is difficult to access.
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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Nice Refrigerator - Wi Fi is difficult.
    We recently purchased this refrigerator after taking a look at the alternatives that would fit into our house. Our previous fridge was counter depth - this was standard and thus gives us a bit more room The difference is hardly noticeable from outside. Would have been nice to have an option for better storage for pop cans on the Door in Door but only a small complaint. The Wi Fi connection requires a 2.4 ghz connection only. What? I pretty much operate off of 5 ghz. Switched to 2.4 ghz ... read more and gave it a try - gave up as to much of a hassle for little return for what the app can do for this particular fridge. Other than that nice fridge. Quiet. I saw a number of reviews talking about how loud it was. Not the case for us.
  2. 3 months ago
    So far, after two weeks, like this LG product
    Like the features, dual ice makers, door in a door, the only drawback is the shelf arrangements, not enough space for tall items without sacrificing other shelf space. Door shelves should have more flexibility to arrange heights. Wish they made a model with the fourth drawer AND an ice maker in the freezer. Several times the in door ice maker clumps up the ice, don’t know why it sticks together, perhaps not cold enough to prevent slight melting. Noticed the actual temperature inside is about 3 ... read more degrees higher than the setting temperature. The full width drawer is too shallow, the vegetable drawers could be a little less in height. Really like the sliding drawers in the freezer compartment, nice arrangement. Also, interior lighting is nice, both in refrigerator compartment and freezer.
  3. 6 months ago
    Very nice fridge
    When you get to 30cu ft, the options narrow. Given a choice, I would have gone without door in door or wifi. After some use, I'm getting used to the door in door, knowing it saves some energy is cool. And, I'm sure the wifi stuff added next to nothing to the price. Double ice is nice. Wish some of the door shelves were wider - ex. on the ice maker side, only one shelf can hold water bottles.
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