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          1. 2 months ago
            All out with great features
            I bought the washer WT7900hba about 3 weeks ago and it has the best performance out of all my previous washer the load capacity is great can do my bedding at home now. It has auto sensing which select how much water it needs for the wash cycle you selected sets the water temperature and spin speed but you can change these settings if you need to. I also love the touch pad no more knobs to turn or break and the quietness during wash & spin is great and the black steel color I love oh it also has ... read more Wifi so it can communicate with my iPhone app I can remotely start a preloaded wash or check how much time is left or it will send a notification to my when wash is done. I recommend this product for any household. I will buy the matching dryer later
          2. 7 months ago
            Fantastic Lg Washer
            There are so many features on this LG washer. The capacity of this washer is very big to you and I could put a lot of clothes and blankets inside of it. I like how I can choose between different cycles and when I do wash my clothes it is very quiet. I like the look of this washer as well and the design and I also like how I can use an app to control the washer and my cycles to stop and start. This is a one-of-a-kind washer and it definitely gets the job done. This is a quality washer and I highly recommend it.
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          3. 6 months ago
            Impressive Machine!
            This is honestly the first "high-end" washer that I've ever owned and I'm LOVING it. It makes doing laundry a breeze because there are so many different types of wash cycles and the machine senses the load size so I never have to select a multitude of settings manually. It's also high-efficiency so it's saving on electricity and it's remarkably quiet. One thing that I especially love is the tub size--it's huge compared to the washer that I previously owned and what would have once been ... read more considered a "large" load in my last washer now only fills about half of the tub in this one! Another kind of fun thing about it is that the lid has a clear window in it and there's something almost mesmerizing about being able to actually see my laundry being done (my inner child gets a kick out of this). Although not a necessary feature, the machine is also compatible with a downloadable app which allows one to control the wash cycles remotely from a cell phone and it's even possible to have LG help troubleshoot the machine through the app if necessary. Long story short, I'm really happy with the machine so far and it's making me wish that I'd upgraded sooner.
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          1. 2 months ago
            Best washer ever
            We bought this at Costco and got the 7300 model which is a new model starting in July, 2019. Besides a best in area price from Costco, free white glove delivery and installation, and free old appliance haul away, we got a great top load 5 cubic feet washer. We just love this washer and it has every feature we could ever need. It does a super job of removing the water from the clothes which, in turn , reduces the drying time. The delivery and installation was the best we have ever had on any ... read more home delivery. We have wood floors so to avoid moving the washers over the wood floors with a card, they used a two man belt system where they carried it in and it never touched the floor. You cannot beat Costco as they are the very best I have ever experienced.
          2. 3 months ago
            Love the load capacity and features
            The load capacity of this washer is so big! I put in what normally filled my old washer and it usually only fills half the tub. It runs quietly and if you are good about layering clothes, heavy on bottom and lightest on top it stays balanced very nicely during the spin cycle. And as we never had the washer and dryer stands for our front load machines, I can tell you, it is a pleasure to stand up straight while taking my wet laundry out! My two negatives are the start touch function sometimes ... read more does not respond to my finger pressure and it takes multiple tries to trigger it, and the washer manual is primarily all online, so if you want to quickly check how to use a function, you have to have your phone on you to pull up the information.
          3. 2 months ago
            LG Washer
            This washer is great. It lives up to the LG name. I currently own an LG referigerator, dishwasher and stove and have been very pleased with all of them.This is the reason I purchased an LG washer.I really like all of the features LG has on their products. Hopefully, this washer will continue to make me an LG believer.
          1. 2 weeks ago
            I love our new dryer!!!
            We needed a new dryer and went to Lowe’s. After researching dyers, I found this one at Lowe’s. After my wife looked at it and liked it, I decided to get the matching washer as well. LG makes great stuff and has an excellent warranty. I wish the door switch was easier. It took me an hour to figure out how to disassemble the door and then reassemble it so it would shut. Still happy with my choice and the ratings of others that helped me make this $1200.00 purchase.
          2. 3 months ago
            Excellent Gas Dryer
            We bought this LG dryer to replace an older model Kenmore that we had owned for upwards of 20 years. Going from that older model to this model is like indescribable. Love the various settings and the fact that dryer door opens 2 ways-which is great for our small laundry room. We purchased this dryer with a matching LG top loader washer. While we have had no issues with the Dryer, we recently started having a power issue with the washer. However, LG support has been great, we have a part ... read more ordered and hopefully that issue gets rectified soon.
          3. 2 months ago
            Great Dryer for Getting it Done!
            I'm very pleased with my LG gas dryer. Many selections and very efficient at drying. Pair this dryer with the matching washer and you will be surprised with your laundry throughput. Less time washing/drying and more time for something else!
          1. 2 months ago
            Best washer I have ever owned!!
            My husband shakes his head because I rave about this washer to everyone! As a mom of 5 kids, horses and dogs...the laundry never stops! .. I appreciate a good washer! It’s quiet, fast, plenty of settings to get the job done... and it cleans better than any other washer I have owned! Btw this is probably #5 in a lifetime!
          2. 1 month ago
            Good washer, a little noisy
            First, this is a good washing machine. My clothes come out clean and it is easy to use. I really like that I can see my clothes and the water level. I do feel that the water level is being measured accurately. I like the small load, which is the default cycle for the Downloaded cycle. This is perfect for washing a handful of work clothes or the like. Read all the instructions and you will have accurate information for the cycle you need. I love the SmartThinQ (now ThinQ) app for my iPhone ... read more that allows me to see the status of my washer and the ability to set my washer and start it remotely while away so it is finished when I return home. The app also notifies you when your washer is finished and allows you to download a specific cycle that is controlled by the Downloaded button on the washer, which can be changed as desired. There are other features you can view such as how many loads before you need to clean the washer, smart diagnosis if there is an error and energy monitoring. The only negative I have found so far is that it is a little noisy. There is a clanking sound when it is sensing the load in the beginning, and this same clanking sound can be heard depending on how the cycle and I’m guessing might have something to do with the way the direct drive motor is engaging. That is just a guess though as I am no expert. It was the loudest during the heavy duty cycle. Now my washing machine is inside the house and when the television is on it is not that bad, but I am aware of it happening. That being said, I can certainly live with it.
          3. 6 months ago
            Great product!
            The washer machine is a great washer I have ever had. I used to have i washer with front load, so having the washer with top load is much better. Also, top load allows to load more clothes than the front load. I love the color a lot because it is not silver but graphite silver which makes the product more modern. There are a lot of benefited and features related to this washer. The clock shows exact time. My previous washer damaged the clothes sometimes. This washer is very gentle. I did ... read more recommend this one to all my relatives and friends.
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          1. 3 years ago
            Love this washer. Well worth the money.
            I bought the 5.2cuft sized of this same washer in Sept of 2016 and I am enjoying every bit of it. It has a lot of options that suits my needs and it really washes the clothes very well. The nice thing is that you can load a lot more to wash cutting your wash time. Another good feature is that you can add to the wash once the cycle starts. This was one concern for me when considering between top loader vs front loader. I even love turning the light on in the washer and sit and watch the ... read more clothes wash. Such a pretty washer. My one wish though is that the manual was more discriptive as sometimes you would like know what is happening in the cycles. Also the front readout features would say for example second rinse because some cycles do have two rinse but since it does not carry a lot of water you will not see it when rinsing. This is also why I turn on the interior light.
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          2. 3 years ago
            Great Washer
            Let me start off with Delivery and installation . Great technicians and Delivery. Trying to connect this to wifi really sucks took about an hour and a half to get the washer to connect to the LG app. There was lots of tiers and hair pulling out. Finally after a hour and a half it connected. Then it was time for the dryer. It's been about 18 hours of trying still it won't connect. I know I'll have to call tech support tomorrow. I really debated just returning them because of how frustrating it ... read more is. Lots of tears I mean a lot of them. There are no videos and search engine turns up with no help except everyone with the same problem as me. I decided after countless hours that I would just use the 5.8 washer."I'm so happy I did!" I washed two king fitted sheets two flat sheets and four king pillow cases. " Amazing " So easy and user friendly. They washed beautifully. Then time to dry them. Drying the double set of king sheets was amazing. "we all know fitted sheets ball and everything inside them is still wet." Not in this case everything was dry I mean everything.. I could not believe it this is amazing.. If you are looking for an amazing washer and dryer this is it . Look no further. If you are buying this to connect wifi run away.. you will be bald from tearing your hair out and you will cry just out of frustration.. LG should have waited to launch wifi until there app was complete. They really don't make it user friendly and I am a technical person. I understand computers And very Tech savvy. Needless to say at least the washer is connected to the app.
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          3. 3 years ago
            Quiet, efficient, effective. Check door opening
            I purchased this unit and had it delivered. First things first. It's big. In and out, check your depths, widths. It is a serious machine that will process the laundry. Also it works. The clothes seem to get very clean, even with our hard Texas water. The spin cycle seems to get a couple extra drips of water out that most machines would not. I like not having to run the dryer anymore than I have to and it works great with athletic gear that is challenging to dry. Downsides--The door ... read more mounts one way. We put the washer to the right of the dryer and cannot change the door mount from the left (drier side) to the right to avoid having to swing wet laundry out and around. Also the cycles don't seem to be customizable. I want an efficient cycle for work out gear where i use cold temp wash, high speed spin. I use this several times a week, but I can't get it to be the default or a "special" programmed cycle. Maybe I am not looking hard enough. Anyway, good out weighs the small issues and I would buy another one, but I would plan the water/drain hookups so that I didn't have the door issue!
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