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        4.5 cu. ft. Ultra Large Smart wi-fi Enabled Front Load Washer


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        Average Rating for Laundry

        1. 8 months ago
          Great product!
          The washer machine is a great washer I have ever had. I used to have i washer with front load, so having the washer with top load is much better. Also, top load allows to load more clothes than the front load. I love the color a lot because it is not silver but graphite silver which makes the product more modern. There are a lot of benefited and features related to this washer. The clock shows exact time. My previous washer damaged the clothes sometimes. This washer is very gentle. I did ... read more recommend this one to all my relatives and friends.
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        2. 2 months ago
          Nice, Big Washer
          I have now been using this washer for about 7-8 weeks. I purchased it to replace my old top loading agitator washer that conked out. On the plus side: I like the large wash tub. It's so big I think I could actually hide in it if I wanted to! It took awhile to learn the appropriate settings and options for different loads. It does a very good job of cleaning my clothes and I find I can use less laundry detergent (I use a liquid version) to get them clean. It works particularly well for my ... read more queen sized comforter. I do like and use some of the optional settings, including water temperature. I do find it cleans (or rinses) best when I add a second rinse to make sure the detergent is more completely removed. It extracts a lot more water when it spins, which means clothing needs less time in the dryer. Some words of caution: It's really important that you learn how to properly load items into the washer for it to work properly and to prevent the load from becoming unbalanced. On the minus side: As mentioned above, the wash tub is big, and is also very deep. I am short, so I sometimes have to push myself up and really hang over the front edge to lean in to be able to reach items at the bottom, and sometimes I need to use a grabber if that fails. There is a learning curve, which is not made easier since the manual that comes with the washer is abbreviated and you have to go to LG's website to find all of the information you need that, in my opinion, should be included in the printed manual. I printed out the missing information and put it with the abridged version that came with the washer. What I'd like to know is why the new LG dryer came with a complete manual, but the washer did not? If it's so LG can save a few dollars, that's really a cheap shot for its customers who are paying a lot of dollars for its product. A really big minus: the fabric softener/laundry detergent dispenser is poorly designed. First, it is located on the far side of the washer opening, so I have to lean over the washtub to reach it to be able to open and close it. Second, and even more of a problem, is that after a load is finished, there can be anywhere from a small amount of water remaining in the dispenser to it being almost full of water. The dispenser can, and should be removed to empty the retained water. However, I feel this dispenser is really poorly designed and something LG needs to work on to improve for future models.
        3. 6 days ago
          Great washer! Quite and efficient.
          So I was nervous reading about the noice of some of these machines. We just received ours and already done a couple of loads. It’s quite and does a great job. Here’s the deal, if you have it balanced and leveled at the time of install, your drum will not be making the noice as described in some of the reviews. Furthermore, be mindful of how you load it, this too also contributes to unbalancing, we also bought the matching dryer 7800 and it too performs like a champ. I highly recommend this ... read more set, not to mention, the graphite grey looks nice.
        1. 1 year ago
          Love this machine
          This machine has just about every feature imaginable - and they all seem to work but you'll need to read the instructions to understand what they do. We've had it for 6 months and have played with about half of them. It's almost 2x the size of our old washer meaning when laundry has to be done, it's 1/2 the number of loads. We also have the drawer for smaller loads and often run them both at the same time. The integration with the SmartThinQ app is great too. Nice to get a text on your phone ... read more so you know when it's time to move the load or if something isn't right with the machine. We saw the negative reviews but have had no trouble with this machine and expect it to last a long time. Our only issue with the product and why it gets 4 stars instead of 5 -The top of the machine is not very sturdy and dents easily. You can not use it to store detergent or other items. Given that you will want/need to put a shelf over it- however LG buries the information you need to make sure you have proper clearance for the shelf. You will need to leave 6 or 7 inches gap in the back of the shelf to allow for ventilation and you will need to leave at least 1 inch clearance above the machine for ventilation . Also not a complaint, but a fact- this machine is massive- If you have the machine on a pedestal or pull out drawer washer, be aware that the machine is quite high and it's depth will make it difficult to access overhead cabinets.
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        2. 3 years ago
          Great Washer
          Let me start off with Delivery and installation . Great technicians and Delivery. Trying to connect this to wifi really sucks took about an hour and a half to get the washer to connect to the LG app. There was lots of tiers and hair pulling out. Finally after a hour and a half it connected. Then it was time for the dryer. It's been about 18 hours of trying still it won't connect. I know I'll have to call tech support tomorrow. I really debated just returning them because of how frustrating it ... read more is. Lots of tears I mean a lot of them. There are no videos and search engine turns up with no help except everyone with the same problem as me. I decided after countless hours that I would just use the 5.8 washer."I'm so happy I did!" I washed two king fitted sheets two flat sheets and four king pillow cases. " Amazing " So easy and user friendly. They washed beautifully. Then time to dry them. Drying the double set of king sheets was amazing. "we all know fitted sheets ball and everything inside them is still wet." Not in this case everything was dry I mean everything.. I could not believe it this is amazing.. If you are looking for an amazing washer and dryer this is it . Look no further. If you are buying this to connect wifi run away.. you will be bald from tearing your hair out and you will cry just out of frustration.. LG should have waited to launch wifi until there app was complete. They really don't make it user friendly and I am a technical person. I understand computers And very Tech savvy. Needless to say at least the washer is connected to the app.
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        3. 2 years ago
          I purchased this washer with the matching gas dryer and sidekick pedestals, it's gigantic and very easy to use not to mention beautiful !! I washed my king size comforters all the bedding in the house and all the laundry in one single day now I don't know what to do with all this spare time !!!! LG didn't send a manual for this awesome problem oh did I mention it's very quiet while operating...and it's at the PERFECT height so I'm not laying on the floor to load & unload ! Happy camper thank you LG
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        1. 2 weeks ago
          So far, the best washer/dryer I've owned!
          Really like the features on this dryer (and the matching washer), especially the dual operation of the door, opens both hamper style and to the side, wi-fi which notifies my cell when the load is done, wrinkle prevention option which spins the dryer periodically after the cycle in case you can't get to it right away...really like that, as I use at-home dry cleaning a lot and ordinarily if you don't take silk out right away, it wrinkles badly. The build quality seems really solid. I do a lot of ... read more large loads of thick bath size towels for my business 2-3x per week, the capacity is awesome and it dries perfectly on default settings in about an hour: I believe the very few reviews I read about LG dryers in general having issues with not drying properly were most likely venting issues, which are critical for any dryer to perform properly. The only question will be their longevity, which only time will tell. (I got over 15 years from my Maytags before the dryer stopped performing)
        2. 9 months ago
          Love the door and features!
          I bought this dryer a few weeks ago and I love it! I love the way the door opens down creating a chute of sorts so my wet clothes do not fall on the floor. I also love the fact that it also opens to the side making removing laundry so easy. I like the wrinkle guard setting the best! There are a lot of combinations and features on this dryer but is so easy to use! I did not have to keep referring back to the manual! I own an LG washer, stove, and the new knock twice refrigerator. I love them all ... read more and also the Smart ThinkQ feature on them all! I know that when I need to replace my washer it will be an LG!
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        3. 5 months ago
          Excellent Gas Dryer
          We bought this LG dryer to replace an older model Kenmore that we had owned for upwards of 20 years. Going from that older model to this model is like indescribable. Love the various settings and the fact that dryer door opens 2 ways-which is great for our small laundry room. We purchased this dryer with a matching LG top loader washer. While we have had no issues with the Dryer, we recently started having a power issue with the washer. However, LG support has been great, we have a part ... read more ordered and hopefully that issue gets rectified soon.
        1. 8 months ago
          Incredible washer that can do so much!
          I’m amazed at the size of the drum of this washer. I had a full size laundry basket full of clothes expecting it to fill the washer and once I put all the clothes in the washer, it wasn’t even half way full. It really is huge. I love all the wash options, it makes it very easy to do laundry and do it right. If I’m washing towels, I put it on the towels option. It really is nice and make doing laundry painless. The area to put in detergent and fabric softener is in a great place and out of the ... read more way. It’s really just a beautiful machine I wish I would have gotten sooner! I literally have washed every comforter and pillow in my home just because I can, and so easily.
          Sweepstakes entry received for review.
        2. 9 months ago
          Fantastic Lg Washer
          There are so many features on this LG washer. The capacity of this washer is very big to you and I could put a lot of clothes and blankets inside of it. I like how I can choose between different cycles and when I do wash my clothes it is very quiet. I like the look of this washer as well and the design and I also like how I can use an app to control the washer and my cycles to stop and start. This is a one-of-a-kind washer and it definitely gets the job done. This is a quality washer and I highly recommend it.
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        3. 9 months ago
          Amazing Washer, great features!
          This LG washer is amazing and everything i have dreamed of! I love the wash cycles it has and I'm more fascinated that it has Alexa and Google Assistant! The performance of this washer is stunningly good, I'm so excited for my new washer! I absolutely adore it, and i cannot wait to wash clothes again and again! Thank you so much.
          Sweepstakes entry received for review.
        1. 5 months ago
          Great features
          We purchased the washer and dryer to replace an older / smaller capacity set. The units clean better and use less water and less time. They even send text messages advising they are done. I was concerned initially due to having a smaller laundry area however the units fit perfectly and were close to the same exterior sizes of the older smaller capacity units.
        2. 2 months ago
          Im in LOVE with my new washer!
          I love this washer! It even has an app for my phone. My new washer is very quiet, Ive had to check on it to make sure it's still running. It sings to me when its done too, love the lil chimes at the end of a load, and also to let you know you have turned the washer on. Our clothes have never been so clean! Whites are super duper white and the colors are really in color! I love the glass top lid. I love to watch my clothes getting clean. I even see my kids more now that we have a washer that ... read more really washes the clothes. They are here alot doing their laundry, and to think my husband thought we got all the kids outta the house...LOL...
        3. 3 weeks ago
          Great washer!
          My last washer just suddenly went weird and after it told me there was too much soap after a cycle ran with no soap off to the store I went. I knew I was going to avoid Maytag and Whirlpool as that’s what my last one was and it wasn’t that great. I got the LG washer and it has been amazing! I have 5 dogs and I don’t appear to have clumps of dog hair left in the washer. And my clothes came out actually smelling clean! It’s quieter then my previous washer and I love that I get a notification on ... read more my phone when it’s done. I’ve only had it a couple of weeks but I do end up using it every day and I can’t complain so far.
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