LG ThinQ

Want a robot vacuum that knows
when and where to clean, can detect
objects in its path and lets you check
in on home when you’re away?
ThinQ can.

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  • Control key features using
    voice commands
  • Recognizes if objects
    or people are in its path
  • Knows where to clean
    thanks to space recognition
Experience a robot vacuum that defines every space clearly with automatic spatial learning,
recognizes if objects are in its path and gives you total control with voice commands.
This is LG ThinQ.
  • "Let's figure out the layout of the house."
  • "It's time for a scheduled cleaning. Cleaning starting now."
  • "Home Guard feature activated.
    I'll see if any motion is detected nearby."
  • "Cleaning finished. Returning to base."

LG ThinQ robot vacuum shown is scheduled for release in Q2 2019.

With an extensive lineup of smart and AI appliances that work together seamlessly,
LG ThinQ can make your life easier. Thanks to an open platform and even more innovative products being developed
for the future, LG ThinQ can give you total control to make your life better, in everything you do.

    See what’s in your fridge

    Get recipe ideas

    Order what you need, when you need it

    Save energy effortlessly


    Control key features with just your voice

    Get recommendations for specialty cycles

    Get alerts when you’re running low on detergent