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Average Rating for Sound Bars

  1. 10 months ago
    Excellent sound and easy set up
    I have the surround sound speakers now with the Sk6y sound bar and together they great, I have had to do a reset ( unplugged from power ) possibly due to a power surge but everything is backup and running fine now.
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  2. 1 year ago
    Great sound for a Great price
    I've had this sound bar for a few months now. I bought it to compliment the LG TV I also bought. I have used it in every setting and for the price this is definitely one of the better sound bars. It has a premium build quality and premium sound without the premium price. I do make minor adjustments to bass and treble based on whatever "sound mode" I'm in. The sound quality is good as well. It changes based on the sound mode your'e in but thats why I make the adjustments. The only issues I'm ... read more having are with my bass and the subwoofer. The former issue with the bass is odd. The bass will completely cut out during music playback or a movie/tv show and come right back. It never lasts for more than a few seconds but its blatantly obvious when it occurs. The woofer started making a popping noise about 2 days ago but I'm not sure how to diagnose the issue. It's not the volume nor the bass level as I have turned them both down (woofer at -15 and bass at -5) and I still hear the popping. I have not tested full volume for fear of ripping/blowing the sub so I'm not sure what's causing the weird popping. Hopefully LG can help me out.
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  3. 5 months ago
    I’ve had this for 4 months and it is absolutely amazing! I leave the woofer on 2/6 and the bass at 2 and it still hits some bass with just about anything. I don’t have a rear kit so just the stereo doesn’t seem to make any difference between left and right
  1. 5 months ago
    nice sound bar
    it was really easy to set up. sound is great i like that it keeps the commercials at the same sound level. The DTS is ok. i do like that you can hook up other wireless speakers to it. i do find that i have to change the setting to what i am watching like sports. what i dont like is that you have to use the app to use some of the settings like the one that keeps the commercials at the same sound level i like all the settings on the remote but all in all it is a really nice sound bar for the ... read more price. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion
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  2. 5 months ago
    Powerful realistic sound
    I received this LG SL7Y at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion. To start off the installation is super easy and comes with a wall bracket install guide for the positioning of brackets. Since my TV had the optical output, used the included optical cable. Configuration of wireless network is simple, using the LG Wi-FI Speaker app. If you need any other connection methods, those cables are not included. Once the Wi-Fi was configured, it required no complex configuration in my ... read more Google Home app, other than assigning a room, and change the name. The small size of the speaker and sub woofer is deceiving, the sound is amazingly loud complemented with the 220W subwoofer. Great selection of sound modes with my favorite the DTS Virtual:X which creates a more realistic overhead effect which makes everything feel real ( Watch out for those Thriller movies loud effects, if you a jolter like me). The integration with google, we can redirect Pandora music to the LG soundbar directly from a google home speaker. I tried classical and rock channels and they all sounded amazing. All in all the speaker is a great addition to a TV/Family room, and already considering a second one and is well recommended.
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  3. 5 months ago
    LG SL7Y soundbar
    i will have to add to this review after i get the soundbar hooked up. i received the soundbar box opened it up all ready to setup and found that the box was missing the power cables, cords, the remote, the manual. i am in the process of trying to get the parts from lg. so i will update this review was i get it hooked up to my lg tv.* UPDATE: Lg parts/service was great, called the number on the box and in 4 days I had all the missing items. setup was a breeze, just plug and play. for my use I ... read more hooked up the optical cable from my tv to the back of the sound bar and powered on it was ready to go. after hooking up I purchased the rear speakers to complete the surround sound in my family room. it was a great upgrade from my tv speakers. another nice feature is you can download the lg speaker app to control the sound bar and settings from your phone. i'm pleased with the lg soundbar and now my setup is complete. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.
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  1. 8 months ago
    Great sounds for a small space for not a lot of mo
    Happy overall with the sound and ease of set up. Built-in Chromecast is a little buggy, but chalk that up to a Google problem and not LG. On every other setting the sound is perfect. However, i have several Google home and mini units and the wifi in the sound bar drops from the Google home group daily. If i unplug and replug the speaker it works as intended. But the next day that setting is lost and have to unplug and replug again. Again, think it's a Chromecast issue bc the other settings work ... read more fine for movies, TV etc. Hopefully the next Chromecast update will fix it. Added the rear speakers to complete the system to get the full 4k and Dolby Atmos experience. Love it! It works very well with the LG OLED and Blu-ray player. Very happy with the purchase.
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  2. 1 year ago
    Great Sound Bar
    Sound bar serves well, nice premium sound! Would def recommend this product.
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  3. 9 months ago
    Good Soundbar for integration with LG Smart TV
    I recently purchased an LG 70 Inch UHD TV and had a 6 year old Sony 2.1 300w Soundbar with Subwoofer connected via optical input. One of my goals when purchasing the new TV was to minimize the amount of remotes we would need to use. I started searching online for LG Soundbars compatible with my new TV. I wanted a bit more clarity as my old soundbar has an amazing Subwoofer output but was lacking in mid's and high's at the soundbar speakers. Seeing that LG is now coming out with new models for ... read more their Soundbars, I found price drops on the last version out. After reading reviews on the SK8, and seeing the price drop to about 40% under retail, I decided to take a chance. The setup was ridiculously easy. As soon as you connect power cables from components to outlets, the Soundbar syncs with the Subwoofer. I purchased a 4K ARC HDMI cable to connect to my ARC Input at the TV for this Soundbar. On the TV, you must manually move the sound output from Internal to ARC or Optical. You can also set up your remote to control volume and power the soundbar on and off with the TV. There are a couple of videos online that can show you the set up process. The volume output I experienced without changing settings when I installed the Soundbar made me regret my decision. My old Sony had a much louder Bass sound and offered higher overall sound volume in comparison. As I read through the manual and played with the menu options, there are settings for Bass, Treble, Mid and surround as well as environment setting (Standard, Cinema, Game etc.). I moved all of the settings to their highest number with the exception of Treble (moved to around 90%). I also switched from Standard to Cinema. Once I made those changes, the Soundbar offered far better clarity for the mid's and high's and slightly lower bass out of the sub (which is what I wanted as the old sub rattled the wall). In comparison to my old soundbar, this SK8 offers a far better sound experience as nothing is muffled and If I set the volume to the highest, the bass is loud enough but doesn't drown out the mid and high. I have not used Atmos as of yet. Overall, this is a great soundbar to buy if obtained below retail and if you plan on using the LG Magic Remote and would like to move to one remote to function everything. WiFi and Bluetooth work seamlessly for external devices but the ARC/HDMI output is the way to go if connecting to a newer, compatible TV.
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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Purchased the sound bar a few weeks ago and couldn't be happier. I was truly amazed at the full rich theatre sound coming from it. Installation was super easy and it also looks very stylish. I couldn't be happier!
  2. 5 months ago
    Great sound!
    I own many LG products from large to small, I really can't say enough good things about LG. Naturally, when it came time to upgrade my soundbar, it was obvious on which brand to go with. I'm loving my LG SL9Y soundbar with its sleek look. It has a lot of amazing features like Bluetooth, built-in Google Assistant and you can really hear the high-quality sound and pairs great with LG 75" Nano Cell ultra-premium LED TV for the ultimate entertainment experience. I received this product at a ... read more discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion.
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  3. 5 months ago
    Awesome Soundbar
    This soundbar looks great on my mantle and provides excellent sound. The slim design fits and matches nicely with my TV. The different sound options allow me to customize how I hear movies, music, and games. The sub-woofer provides great bass and really helps movies come to life. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion
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  1. 2 months ago
    Beautiful picture and awesome sound
    A few weeks ago I purchased this 65 inch lg flat screen tv and the optional lg sound bar with sub woofer and I was amazed by the Quality of the picture and blown away by the awesome sound. It is pre loaded with tons of smart features that are very simple to use, the tv’s smart features pretty much set it self up when plugged in. This setup is like owning a second computer. I paid a good dollar for this complete setup but it’s well worth the money. When it comes to certain items I believe you ... read more get what you pay for. I would definitely recommend this setup to anyone who is looking for a great smart tv and Surround sound bar. Sincerely Rafael.
  2. 5 months ago
    The Very Best!
    We enjoy watching movies in our home, and this sound bar adds so much to our viewing experience. When the lights are dimmed, our LG Nano with its crystal clear picture is glowing,and this sound bar is giving us multi-dimensional sound , we feel like we are actually in the movie. The experience is so realistic. The Dolby Atmos is the icing on the cake! We also really like the Google Assistant. Family movie night is important to us, and we want the best experience we can have, and ... read more this sound bar delivers it. It was easy to set up and it is attractive too, not big or tacky or ugly. It just fits the TV and looks nice. I cannot say enough good about it. We only buy LG, because they make the best! Disclaimer: I received this sound bar at a discount, from the Insiders, and this is my honest opinion of the sound bar.
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  3. 6 months ago
    I just got my SL8Y sound bar from LG. I bought it to go along with my 86" TV. I've also been using it with Spotify and the smart features (from Google). I got to say I'm very impressed by the sound quality and the sheer power that this sound bar packs! I compared the sound quality of this sound bar to my speaker from another brand -one famous for their noise-cancelling headphones ;)- so the bar was set very high. The sound is absolutely at the same level. It is no doubt better than other sound ... read more bars I've tried. The bass sounds are full, and the equalizer presets (i.e. the one for "movies") highlight the vocals over the background music making it easy to follow the dialog,. In comparison with other sound bars that I've tried, the LG SL8Y is clearly superior. For a smaller room, the "surround effect" is more than enough. If you have a larger room, I recommend adding the two available wireless speakers to get the actual cinematic experience. Also, the fact that the sound bar doubles as a Google assistant is awesome. I removed my old Google mini and use this instead. I control my lights, the A/C, and my music just by speaking to the sound bar. How cool is that? I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion, and I guarantee that my comments are factual and unbiased.
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  1. 1 year ago
    Enhanced sound experience
    While not a fan of sound bars....I purchased this model as a companion to my new LG OLED 55 tv. I also added the surround sound speakers for the full experience though I wish they were included in the package. While not as dynamic as a full surround sound speaker pretty much fits the bill in providing much better sound than through the tv speakers. I tried out all the bells and whistles watching a movie on Netflix that was streamed in 4k and Dolby Atmos and it was great. I have ... read more Uverse connected through HDMI and the sound varies by station (loud, quiet, tinny etc) so I believe the sound bar does not have the ability to provide its full potential with the Uverse system. I have the sound profile setting chosen to enhance the subwoofer though I wish I could boost it even more. All in all I've happy with the purchase as far as sound bars go.
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  2. 1 year ago
    We use the sound bar as an alternate on our sound system when not using the 7.1 surround audio system. It has clear voice and provides excellent audio for highs and bass through wireless sub-woofer. It is new so we have not explored its full potential but are very pleased with its low profile design and audio performance. The hook-up was easy and we used the HDMI "in" and "out" cabling for optimal performance. I recommend going online and registering the product and printing the operational ... read more manual to fully receive the benefit of the sound bar. As per the instruction manual the HDMI cabling must be used to get the Dolby Atmos (top firing speakers) function.
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  3. 10 months ago
    What a Difference in Sound Quality
    I purchased my LG sound bar after reading many reviews. I have a 55” LG Smart TV and was having trouble with comprehending conversations and dialogues on shows. What a difference this has made. I was on the verge of being tested for hearing loss because of this issue. My husband and I are both pleased with the sound quality, it has greatly enhanced our TV watching!
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  1. 5 months ago
    Great Soundbar for the Home
    We have recently acquired LG SL10YG Soundbar to replace our home dedicated sound system and I must say this soundbar has met all of my expectations and even exceeded some. First of all, the sound reproduction is perfect for any room size. The sound is well balanced and you can adjust it according to the content you are watching. The dialogue in the movies sounds clear and crisp and if your movie has a lot of bass this 570W system will not disappoint you! The design of the soundbar is well ... read more thought and has a wireless subwoofer that can be placed anywhere in your room (for more booming effect, try placing it near your couch, you will feel the difference literally!). The soundbar itself is pretty big so make sure you have enough space. It is packed with the latest sound technology thanks to Meredian, has dual HDMI ports and supports Dolby Atmos, DTS-X and other Dolby sound types. We have really enjoyed this soundbar and are happy with its performance. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion.
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  2. 7 months ago
    Good sound for those in the soundbar market
    I got this on a pretty good deal recently to pair with an LG OLED television. I got this and the back speakers separately . I highly recommend them if you're picking this up. Setup of the bar and speakers wasn't bad but i'd like a better breakdown of which wire hookup is optimal and what the settings on the bar do for the experience. I had to go into the menu to activate surround sound which didn't seem intuitive at all. Overall I came from one of the competitors which sounded great. This thing ... read more sounds amazing and I highly recommend it if you have the coin.
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  3. 5 months ago
    Best Sound Ever!
    The LG SL 10Y Sound bar gives off the most amazing sound! I love how when you’re watching a movie you can hear the Dolby Atmos. It makes the object in the movie movie sound like it’s actually there in the room with you. I also love how it is Wireless Surround Sound Ready and has Bluetooth Connectivity. It’s also great that it has Google Assistant built in. With the Meridian Audio’s advanced technology LG provides a premier sound with this Sound bar and pairing this Sound bar with my LG OLED ... read more E9PUA 65 inch tv I couldn’t be happier!! Who needs the theater when I have the best tv and Sound bar ever!! I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion.
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  1. 1 year ago
    Pretty good so far.
    Great sound. Not the best Atmos experience, but good enough for a sound bar. I have had some Atmos issues when starting a video where there is a skipping effect, but I need to troubleshoot further to determine if it's the TV output or the sound bar.
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  2. 2 months ago
    I Purchased this sound bar to go with my new LG Oled television. I have watched several movies to test out the sound separation and projection and it has been excellent. I would highly recommend this product to others.
  3. 8 months ago
    Loving this Dolby Atmos Soundbar
    Bought this Soundbar from Costco (running out of stock) for $450 and so glad I did. I have been keeping an eye on this Soundbar & was thrilled when the proce came down. I have this Soundbar attached to a LG OLED 55" C8PUA (Costco Version) which is in my bedroom. Sound is very nice and crisp & the Bass speaker shakes my bedroom. I have read reviews from this site and Costco's site and I have not run into the issues others have. This Soundbar worked right out of the box. Hooked it up and was ... read more listening to Dolby Atmos sources. If you can find one at Costco for $450 definitely pick it up. I can connect my phone to listen to music via Bluetooth which sound really nice.
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