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Oven Not Heating - Electric Range / Gas Range / Wall Oven


If the oven is not heating, this can sometimes be corrected by checking the power supply, settings, or troubleshooting an error code.

If an error code appears on the display, troubleshoot for the error code that is displayed. The error codes on LG ranges are usually an F followed by a number.

When choosing the settings for the oven, the START button must be pressed or the oven will not operate.

Enter the desired oven temperature on the keypad, and then press the START button. If the START button is not pressed within 25 seconds of entering the desired oven temperature, the display will return to normal and the oven will not operate.

After the unit is installed for the first time or reinstalled after being moved, check the power cord to ensure that it is connected properly to the unit. Also, ensure that the power cord is plugged into the outlet securely and that the outlet is receiving power.

If the unit is losing power during operation, it is a good idea to check the circuit breaker. The unit must be connected to a dedicated circuit breaker.

The heating elements consumer a lot of electricity, therefore if the capacity of the dedicated circuit breaker isn't sufficient for the unit, the breaker may trip.

If the unit powers off during operation and the breaker is fine, the range will require repair service.

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